This time, to make sure we don’t get lost, I’ve employed the help of The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™!:

There is one problem yet to attend, though it also the last thing that shall be mentioned.

This is the actual structure of the game, as we said before, the gameplay experience is one where the ludus rules can be merged together with paideia and the player has awareness of his immersion in the game. But ludus rules can’t just be replaced by paidea rules… can they? Of course not, the paidea rules are only hidden by the idea that the game has self awareness of our actions. The game is constructed in a way in which any possible options the player takes are answered by the narrator, it is a complex maze that distracts the player from the idea that the game has been already pre-determined to act under the actions of a player, the fabula is designed so that it can take a large number of forms and this makes us believe that there are no objectives to which the ludus rules can apply to. But there are objectives, although they might shift and not always be the same, the objective is to either obey or disobey the narrator, taking the player to a certain end.

This here is a map that cuts open the game and shows the different paths which one might take through the game:stanley-endings

(taken from

If there is something that we can say without a doubt about The Stanley Parable it is that games are mutable; and the biggest difficulty to understand them and analyse them is exactly that, the wide range in variety that they might have. Only to mention a few: Thomas Was Alone has a straightforward plot and story in which there is not much difference to a movie except for the fact that there must be some one to move the characters to different places in order to advance the plot. Undertale has a very rich story and original mechanics, besides the player can decide how to develop in the overall story. Transistor & Bastion are much alike with Thomas Was Alone but there are a few moment in which the player might choose among two different endings. But without questioning the most boundary challenging game still remains The Stanley Parable, where one can fine more, more and more in every playthrough.









Besides… There is no end.


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