DLC: or Downloadable Content, is additional content for an already released video game.


Extrinsic Ludus Rules: What contributes directly in winning a game.


Fabula: The specific events which happen in the story of a game.


Game Mechanics: rule based systems / simulations that facilitate and encourage a user to explore and learn the properties of their possibility space through the use of feedback mechanisms inside video games.

Game Physics: Laws of physics applied to a simulation or game engine.

Gameplay: Sometimes also called “Game experience”. Is is the features of a computer game, such as its plot and the way it is played, as distinct from the graphics and sound effects.


Intrinsic Ludus Rules: What contributes indirectly in winning a game.


Ludology: The study of games, particularly computer games.

Ludus Rules: Rules established to win a game.


Mod: Short term for “modification”. Normally addressed to downloadable content (DLC), which modifies certain aspects of a game.


Narrative in Game: The story which can be told through a game.

Narrative Setting: The virtual space in which the events of a game ocurre.

Narratology: A set of theories of narrative that are independent of the medium of representation.


Paidea Rules: Rules established to play a game.


Semantic Paidea Rules: Rules that determine the consequence of the actions done by the player.

Symbolic Paidea Rules: Rules which define what can and cannot be done.